BOLDI-TOOL® is the perfect tool for "All" your gardening - Landscaping - And all around weeding Needs  - BOLDI-TOOL® was specifically developed to attack and maintain all kinds of different weeds and other nuisances found in the gravel and any of the common hard earths including caliche - BOLDI-TOOL® is the only Tool that will do the work for you with the leverage and heft - stick the End of BOLDI-TOOL® in the Ground and push forward - BOLDI-TOOL® Breaks up the hard earth for you - Stick BOLDI-TOOL® straight down in the ground and twist BOLDI-TOOL® does the Work and bores a hole right through hard earth- No more pouring water in hole to soften up the ground  - BOLDI-TOOL® does all the work when needing Holes for Plants - Trees - Landscaping lights - Landscaping Posts - Or when starting the hole for your T-Posts  - The possibilites are endless - BOLDI-TOOL® will get rid of Agave - Catus - Old bushes - And shubbery - You push the BOLDI-TOOL® down in ground - The leverage of the BOLDI-TOOL® does the work for you in taking out of any nuisances out of your yard root and all - BOLDI-TOOL® will also allow you to get rid of the weeds in areas you don't want to stick your hands in inculding wanted agave and rose bushes - Perfect for any areas you can't fit a shovel or just don't want to use a shovel like up next to the house - Next to fence - Or in the corners of your yard where the fence meets - Or where the house meets the porch -  Next to sidewalk or where the yard meets the street - BOLDI-TOOL® is perfect for digging trenches for your gardening or irrigation needs - In conlusion - BOLDI-TOOL® Is the answer for all your home gardening - Landscaping - or Weeding needs - Once you use the "One of a Kind" BOLDI-TOOL® for your yard and gardening needs -  You will "Not" look for another tool again - Thanks in Advance - 

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